beSee 2

beSee 2 provides a mechanism to plug a class preprocessor instrumentation layer in any classloader hierarchy, thus supporting java 1.3, 1.4, J2SE and J2EE environment.

beSee 2 is the ground 0 lightweight layer of the next generation AOP architecture.

It provides a bytecode kit independant solution and comes ready to use with two implementation: BCEL and Javassist.

Offline mode thru post-compilation of compiled class, jar, zip is also provided.

beSee is hosted on SourceForge and is released under the LGPL licence.

case study: BEA WebLogic JVM wide instrumentation

beSee 2 provides an extension allowing instrumentation of all classes loaded in BEA WebLogic, bringing tracing facility to analyse response time from servlet to SQL call thru EJBs or any deployed technology. The whole instrumentation can be managed thru JMX.

This extends the beSee 1-x family features to the whole WebLogic server, and not only the deployed applications, making it easy to instrument JDBC drivers to track SQL calls of your CMPs.

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case study: JBoss standalone AOP is wrong

JBoss standalone AOP try to bring the JBoss AOP framework outside of the JBoss 4.x J2EE app server. Don't trust this. It won't work except for O'Reilly hello world article. Read more.

what was beSee

beSee (1-x family) provided a class pre processor tight to BEA WebLogic, with JMX management. beSee 2 provides the architecture unleashing the beSee 1-x features and will also be used as a ground layer for AOP framework.

release 2-0-snapshot

There is no official release yet. Please check the soruce Xref, javadoc and get the CVS snapshot.

Building the project is made easy with Ant. Building extension for BEA WebLogic is also part of the build.

The first official release will come in summer 2003.

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